Everyone who is on the Internet must be aware about the Google. Google is one of the major name in the Internet search engine database.

How to Verify Google Account without Email ?

It has gained a massive popularity and have access to more than 85% of the internet traffic. That’s the reason it has become synonymous with the Internet. Million of people use google as a major platform to perform billion of searches across the world. The best thing about the google is accurate, reliable and authenticate search in quick time. A part from that Google also provides host range of service like email, web browser and google play store as well as list of other service. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is how to verify your gmail account without phone number, User can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow these simple procedure :

  • User needs to go to the google and click on the sign in my account.
  • And then click on the sign in and security section and then signing into the Google.
  • Now click on the choose and then click on Edit.
  • Again scroll down to the bottom of the tab and then select it to change phone.
  • Now In the select options of “How do you want to get codes” .
  • Select the mobile phone.
  • And click on the Next button in order to get the codes.
  • And code will be sent to your mobile number and type the codes and verify your account.

In case if you face the similar problem like how to verify Google account without email. Then follow the same procedure but in the section of edit click on email and select the email option to get the codes. Then codes will be sent to your email address and then note down the codes and type the codes in given space to verify it.

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