Gmail can be set up on apple mail with certain steps that are mentioned below. Gmail can be set up with the SMTP as well as IMAP settings that both needs to be configured in the correct way.

How to Process Gmail SMTP Settings Configuration on Apple Mail !

Therefore, to Configure Gmail SMTP on apple Mail the below mentioned steps needs to be followed by the user. User should make sure and should check whether they have entered the correct credentials or not.

  • Firstly go to the gmail page and sign in with the username as well as the gmail password.
  • Select the gmail settings menu from the top of the page.
  • Further click on forwarding IMAP/POP and from there enable the IMAP settings.
  • Select IMAP and then on save changes.
  • Now from there the user should select the mail option and then on preferences menu.
  • The user should then select accounts tab and click the + sign so that the new account can be added.
  • Then enter full name and also the gmail address and it's account password in the given space.
  • Select continue and further enter the details:
  • In the outgoing mail server the user should enter smtp and should enter in the mail server.
  • Then again enter the gmail address and the account password.
  • Select continue.

Therefore, these are the steps that the user should undertake for Gmail Smtp Settings for apple mail. All the more these steps are simple to follow, but the user should make sure to enter their settings in the correct way. Besides, the user can take the help from the gmail representatives and can ask them for assistance related to these steps.

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