How Can I Do Google Account Recovery Through Customer Service Phone Number?

People generally want to use the various services of Google in order to get in touch with the latest features and innovative technology. In most cases, one can use them anonymously but to use their services for an extended period of time, one has to create a Google account. Google account gives you access to use all the services and products offered by Google. As we know that Google is known for providing quality services to its customers. But sometimes a user does face difficulties while working on it. One of the issues faces by the user is how one can recover their account with the help of customer services. They will provide you all the assistance and basic procedure required for Google Password Recovery.

Steps to Recover Google Account Password

  • One needs to go to the Google account recovery page by typing the
  • Then further one has select from the option, I don’t know my password.
  • No one has to properly enter the Email address and then use the sign in to Google and then click on Continue.
  • If You didn’t remember the last password, then click on Continue in order to make sure Google Account Recovery.
  • Now further one has to click on the reset your password method, whether its email or Phone.
  • If the user chooses an email then a recovery email will be sent to your secondary address which is assigned at the time of the making of the Gmail.
  • No one has to just log in to the other mail and clicks on the link of recovery emails from google.
  • Afterward one can write down their new password and again confirm the password.

Are you an avid Internet user? Then you must have heard about Google. Google is the world’s leading internet search giant with people across the world use it as a medium to exchange as well as search information. over the course of time, it has built itself into a diverse portfolio ranging from the email services, video sharing, social networking as well as online data storage center. Google Customer Service helps you in fixing as well as guiding all the necessary information needed to operates the various services of Google.

How to Recover Google Account with https // for help?

When you face any trouble with your Google account while accessing on its website page, you need to check out the proper credentials to access. If you are entering the wrong email address and password to access, you might face such kind of trouble. But to fix this issue there is a troubleshooting option that will lead you to the right path to recovering your Google account in a good manner at a certain time. You can start to recover Google Account with https // link and earn a new password followed by the rules and methods to recover your Google account promptly.

It is said there is the only option is https // link is always available for the recovery option provided by Google that assists to recover your Google account in a quite simple manner.

Following are the ways to recover a Google account with https // smoothly:

  • At first, normally visit the Google account sign-in page and enter a certain email address and password to access.
  • If you confront trouble in accessing then click on the forgot password tab and select the recovery option on the next by choosing https // link.
  • You directly access to the recovery page where you have to enter the mobile phone number or email address.
  • You will receive a verification code to enter into the field and get the Google account recovery link.
  • It allows entering the new password into both the new and confirms the password field finally.

For further help regarding the Gmail account, to contact your head-class tech support team is available to help you at any time.

How to Access Google Account Recovery Page?

In the past few years, Google has offered its users with the finest services and products to make various online tasks and procedures simpler and easier. And this is also a reason why Google account was introduced which works as a user account for accessing multiple Google services and online services.

Indeed, the services offered by Google account are the finest, but there are times when users who have reported login problems because of the technical glitch or because of the forgotten password. Thankfully, one can easily overcome this issue by visiting the Google recovery page. So, for the users who are wondering how to access Google account recovery page, they can check out the information mentioned in this article.

An Overview to Access the Recovery Page of Google

For the users who are not aware, how to access the Google recovery page, they need to visit https //, which is the URL of the official recovery page. Once the page is launched, the user will be offered the required options to restore access to their Google account. Further, for the users who are wondering what one needs to do after they access Google account recovery page, they can check out the detailed recovery steps listed below and restore access to their Google account.

Steps that One Needs to Perform After Accessing the Recovery Page of Google

After the user has accessed the Google recovery page, they need to follow the instructions provided below to reset their Google account password and regain access to the Google account.

  • Initially, the user needs to mention the email or phone number used for accessing the Google account.
  • Then, the user is required to verify the Google account either by mentioning the last password or by requesting a security code on the linked phone or email.
  • After that, the user can complete the account verification process and proceed to reset the account password.
  • Once the new password is created, the user can try to access the Google account using the new password.

Thus, in this way, one can access the Google account recovery page and perform the Google recovery process. If the user has any queries, they can reach out to support to seek the required help regarding the recovery process.

How to Recover a Suspended Google Account?

For the users who access Google services and products regularly might be aware of the importance of an active Google account. Further, as Google accounts play such great importance various security and privacy measures have been introduced by Google. Still, many users have reported suspended Google account issues.

When does Google suspend a Google account?

As Google is quite strict about its security and privacy norms and for any reason if any account breaches these norms need to face account suspension like accessing unwanted sites or applications. However, if the user feels that their account is suspended by mistake, then they can restore access by performing a process to recover suspended Google account provided in this article and manage their account accordingly.

Instructions to recover suspended Google account

For the users whose Google account has been suspended and are looking for the procedure to recover the suspended Google account, they can check out the steps mentioned below and restore access to their account.

  • To begin the recovery process, visit the Google admin console page.
  • After the console page is launched, click on the User tab and identify the user from the list whose account is suspended.
  • Further, click on the particular user to visit the account page.
  • Now, the user can see a message displayed on the screen stating that the account is being suspended for a particular reason.
  • Then, the user can pick the account reactivation option and confirm the same.
  • After that, the user needs to wait for a while until the Google account is reactivated.

Thus, this is a simple process that one can follow to recover a suspended Google account. In case, if the user has any issues with the recovery process, they can reach out to Google support for assistance and restore access to their suspended Google account.

So, next time whenever a user faces any issues with the recovery of a suspended Google account, they can check out the info mentioned in this blog and manage their account accordingly.

How to Recover a Deleted Google Account?

A lot of times, people stop using Google account because they end up switching to some other platform. And if you don’t want to use the Google application anymore then you can delete it permanently. But if you have recently deleted your Google account and feel like recovering it again, then follow the below-given steps.

Steps to recover a deleted Google account

  • To recover the deleted account of Google, you can easily go to the sign-in link and before logging in, you will be asked a few questions related to the security to confirm it’s your account.
  • Moving on, if you still face problems while logging in the account then you can take the help of account recovery steps to retrieve the account.
  • If your recovery information is verified then you can set a new password that has never been used with this account and re-enter the password to confirm. However, if the account deleted was a child’s account then it can’t be restored.

Things to keep in mind while recovering a deleted Google account

  • If you end up deleting your Google account and try to retrieve it after a few days or weeks, then you won’t be able to recover it. Thus think twice before deleting the Google account. Only recently deleted accounts like after a day or two can be restored.
  • While setting a new password, make sure to set a new password not being used before to avoid any password hacking or misuse.
  • Keep your recovery information updated in case you have to recover the password.

And with these steps, you can easily recover deleted Google account. For more information, contact the customer care team of Google.

How to Manage Your Google Account Settings?

To manage your account setting you have to follow certain steps. But at the same time, it matters the most when you are using Google Play Services, you can manage your Google apps and services in Google Settings with certainly easy steps. However it also depends upon the device which you are using like device and Android version, your Google Account Settings includes.

  • Sign-In and Security: See or change your Google Account's security settings, similar to your password, recovery information, and security cautions. You can likewise begin a Security Checkup.
  • Personal Info & Privacy: See or change your Google Account's protection settings, similar to your name, email locations, and sorts of information to spare. You can likewise begin a Privacy Checkup.
  • Account Preferences: See or change your Google Account's inclinations, similar to your language and Google Drive storage. You can likewise erase singular Google administrations.

In case if you are wondering about how to get security verification codes for Google sign-in screens then for that you need to follow the steps given here

  • Tap Security under "Services,"
  • Next tap Security code.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are offline because you still can get the security code.

How Can I Embed Google Alerts Onto My Website?

We all aware of the turn off Google Alerts. But most of us recognize google as a search engine. But there is various host range of services google offered such as web browser, emailing, cloud storage and the list goes on. Google always surprise their customer and user base with something unique product or services. One of the coolest products of Google is Google Alert.

Google Alert is one of the most important tools and services offered by Google. It actually helps us to stay updated about the latest trend as well as topics which are going on the Internet. These trends might include topics, articles, blogs, and research papers. It’s help user to stay updated about what is happening in the world especially for professional whether its individual, business owner and so on. But sometimes the user does face problem one of the common problem user faces is regarding is how can I embed Google alert onto my website. User can take assistance from the technical support or follow these simple procedure :

  • Go to your website by logging with proper credentials.
  • Now click on the Manage your Alert page.
  • Then choose the alert one want to display.
  • Further which will take you to the News Result page.
  • Again Here you should find an RSS feed.
  • Make sure to copy the Feed URL and paste it one of your sites. 

After following these procedures, if one faces any issue that could not be resolved then one can take the help of Google Customer Support. It has an excellent supporting team that works 24*7/365 days to fix the issue in a given schedule. There have world-class customer care representatives which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that the issue is fixed inappropriate manner without any hassle.

How to Recover Google Account without Security Questions?

If your account has been compromised by someone else and you are not able to access, you need to recover the password of Google account simply. It is very simple to recover the password when you forgot or hacked it abruptly. Some of has no idea to complete this task accurately. At this, you need to instantly figure out the alternate email address and recovery phone number that is necessary to mention while recovering your account and this is the same method of verification of your account simply.

Following are the ways to Recover Google Account without Security Questions

1. Steps for Google Account Recovery by Phone Number are as follows:

  • Open Google account recovery page and provide your Google email ID
  • Click continue and type your last password or skip this step choosing try another way
  • In the next page choose to receive a verification code from Google to your registered phone number that is also your Google account recovery number by text or call
  • Note down the code Google send you and type as it is in the box Google will verify the code and in the next page you can reset your password
  • Type a new password two times and save

2. Steps for Google Account Recovery by Email Address are as follows:

  • Open account recovery website and input your Google id
  • Enter the last password or skip if you don't remember the old password
  • Then choose I don't have my phone and proceed further to receive a verification code in your alternative email
  • Click the send button and open your recovery email to copy the code sent by Google
  • Paste the code in the box and Google will take few seconds to verify it before allowing to create a new password
  • Finally, create a new password for your account by typing twice and save

You can also contact our technical expert's team for further help and guidance regarding the Google account recovery process.


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