Gmail is one of the finest webmail which offers unique email features to the users. But, sometimes some issues such as, ‘Gmail not loading in Chrome’ on iPhone make users annoyed. The solution is simple, but you will have to perform some quick task to fix the issue and for your convenience, few useful steps have been listed below.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix Gmail issues in Chrome on iPhone

As stated earlier, Gmail not loading / opening in Chrome iPhone is a common issue and to fix the same, first and foremost clear the cookies and caches of the Chrome and for the same, get through the steps.

  • Open Google Chrome on your iPhone.
  • On the page, you will get ‘More’ icon, tap on it and select ‘Settings’.
  • Under the Settings tab, you will find ‘Privacy’ option, select the same and then move to ‘Clear browsing data’ section.
  • Here, you will get the list of browsing history, caches, and cookies. Select them all and tap on ‘Clear browsing data’.

 That was the initial method and after successful completion of the same, you will get rid of the issue. If not, then update iPhone and repair Chrome. After performing these processes, if Gmail loading bar stuck amid the operation, then perform few steps to fix the same.

Unable to Load Gmail on iPhone ? Here are the Troubleshooting

  • First and foremost, disable the extensions in Chrome. Sometimes, plugins prevent the smooth performance of Gmail, so perform the above-said task.
  • If you have enabled any security features on iPhone, then disable the same temporarily.
  • Try to load Gmail in Safari, if it works fine, then uninstall Chrome and re-install the same.

Apply the above-said methods and this will help you to fix the issues. If all fails, then reset your iPhone and get the updated version of Google Chrome and make sure to update your iPhone too.

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