All of the services that has been introduced by Apple will come under one umbrella i.e Apple ID. When you have your iTunes specific account, it works in the same way as the Apple ID do. If you want, password can be changed depending upon your needs. When you want help for it, it is better to connect with customer service team.

How to Reset iTunes Password on iPhone?

  • You should “Sign in” into your iCloud account. It is easy for you to change iTunes password directly by using iPhone, with the existing current password.When you don’t know the current password, go for the “Resetting a Forgotten Password.”
  • There is need to open Settings app and click “iCloud.”
  • However, you should click the Apple ID.It will be Apple ID by the help of which you currently Sign in into the iPhone. When you want to change the password for a different account, it is better if you use computer.
  • When you will be asked,you should enter the password and click “OK.” You will not be asked if you use two-factor authentication and have Sign in by using trusted device.
  • Individual needs to navigate to the “Change Password” screen. You are required to do the verifications
  • Click the option of “Password & Security.”
  • Click the option to “Change Password.”
  • You should give answer to all your security questions. Select the option to "Verify" after you enter the answers
  • There is need to create a new password.You need to enter that again for giving the confirmation. Now, the new password will started working instantly and you'll be Sign out of any connected device until the new password will not be entered
  • Now, the issue like iTunes reset password on iPhone has been fixed easily or not

If any of you still not find the solution to the above issue helpful, you should connect with technical experts accordingly. Not only this issue but other major issues can be fixed accordingly. To resolve the issue,tech support engineers will take the remote access of the computer screen and then try to detect the actual cause of the issue. A part from iTunes password reset,other major issues can be even resolved immediately by the tech support engineers. Beside contacting the live experts directly, you can even use live chat and email service to get instant help.

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