iPhone is a revolutionary product in the field of tech and gadgets and since its launch in late 2000s, it has become the highest selling smartphone in all around the world. Most of the revenue of Apple comes from the sale of iPhone only. iPhone was the world’s first smartphone which had no buttons but just a screen for interaction.

How to Restore iPhone Without iTunes in Recovery Mode ?


iPhone latest version is iPhone 10. When you buy an iPhone, you get access to all the apps available on Apple’s app store like iTunes, iCloud, etc. You get an internal memory which can be used to store the apps and other files.


Sometimes your iPhone might need to be restored to factory settings and this may happened due to a number of reasons. Few reasons are listed below:


1) Your iPhone might have been affected with some sort of virus.

2) Your space is full and you want to delete some data.

3) You want the default settings on your iPhone.


In any of the above case, you will have to perform a factory data reset in your iPhone. The procedure for the same is by iTunes or without iTunes. If you want to restore iPhone without iTunes, then you may follow the steps below:


1) Go to App store and search for a third party software that lets you restore your iPhone to factory data settings.

2) Once the software is installed on your iPhone, connect your iPhone with a computer preferably a Mac and then let the third party software run.

3) When the third party software performs the factory data reset, you may want to save your data to your computer.

4) After the iPhone is restored to factory data settings, you can restart your iPhone and use it like new.


Now your iPhone is restored without the use of iTunes and you can use it for anything you wish to do. If you face any issue while restoring iPhone without iTunes, then you can contact Apple tech support number. Apple customer support will look into your issues and get back to you with a resolution.


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