How to Google Account Recovery by Customer Service Phone Number ?


Are you avid Internet user ? Then you must have heard about the Google. Google is the world’s leading internet search giant with people across the world use it as a medium to exchange as well as search information. over the course of time it has built itself into diverse protofolio ranging from the email services, video sharing, social networking as well as online data storage center. Google Customer Service helps you in fixing as well as guiding all the necessary information needed to operates the various services of Google.

How to Manage Your Google Account Settings ?


To manage your account setting you have to follow the certain steps. But at the same time it matters the most when you are using Google Play Services, you can manage your Google apps and services in Google Settings with certainly easy steps. However it also depends upon the device which you are using like device and Android version, your Google Account Settings includes.


· Sign-In and Security


See or change your Google Account's security settings, similar to your password, recovery information, and security cautions. You can likewise begin a Security Checkup.


· Personal Info & Privacy


See or change your Google Account's protection settings, similar to your name, email locations, and sorts of information to spare. You can likewise begin a Privacy Checkup.


· Account Preferences


See or change your Google Account's inclinations, similar to your language and Google Drive storage. You can likewise erase singular Google administrations.

In case if you are wondering about how to get security verification codes for Google sign-in screens then for that you need to follow the steps given here


· Tap Security under "Services,"

· Next tap Security code.

· It doesn’t matter if you are offline because you still can get the security code.

How Can I Embed Google Alerts Onto My Website ?


We all aware about the turn off Google Alerts. But most of us recognize google as a search engine. But there are various host range of services google offered such as web browser, emailing, cloud storage and the list goes on. Google always surprise their customer and user base with the something unique product or services. One of the coolest product of the Google is Google Alert.


Google Alert is one of the most important tool and services offered by the Google. It actually help us to stay updated about the latest trend as well topics which is going on the Internet. These trends might include topic, articles, blog and research papers. It’s help user to stay updated about what is happening in the world especially for professional whether its individual, business owner and so on. But sometimes user does face problem one of the common problem user face is regarding is how can I embed google alert into my website. User can take the assistance from the technical support or follow these simple procedure :

  • Go to your website by logging with proper credentials.
  • Now click on the Manage your Alert page.
  • Then choose the alert one want to display.
  • Further which will take you to the News Result page.
  • Again Here you should find an RSS feed.
  • Make sure to copy the Feed URL and paste it one of the your sites.


People generally wants to use the various services of the Google in order to get in touch with latest features and innovative technology. For most cases, one can use them anonymously but to use their services on extended period of time, one has to create an Google account. Google account gives you access to use all the services and products offered by the google. As we know that google is known for providing quality services to their customers. But sometimes a user does face difficulties while working on it. One of the Issue faces by the user is how one can recover their account with the help of customer services. They will provide you all the assistance and basic procedure required to Google Password Recovery. User can simply follow these simple procedures too.


· One need to go to the google account recovery page by typing the

· Then further one has select from the option, I don’t know my password.

· Now one has to properly enter the Email address and then use sign in to the Google and then click on Continue.

· If You didn’t remember the last password, then click on Continue in order to make sure Google Account Recovery .

· Now further one has to click on the reset your password method, whether its email or Phone.

· If the user chooses an email then an recovery email will be sent to your secondary address which is assigned at the time of making of the gmail.

· Now one has to just login into the other mail and click on the link of recovery emails from google.

· Afterwards one can write down their new password and again confirm the password.


After following these procedures, if one faces any issue could not be resolved then one can take the help of Google Customer Support. It has an excellent supporting team which work 24*7/365 days to fix to the issue in a given schedule. There have world class customer care representatives which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that the issue is fixed in appropriate manner without any hassle.