Before moving to the Google Gravity, you must understand what does Google gravity mean? Google Gravity is an entertaining stuff where the web pages turn upside down or it appears like falling down. Through this feature, you can confuse the others with amazing tricks. Google Gravity is on JavaScript platform and designed by the Google.


So, if you also want to baffle the mind of others and probably thinking ‘how to do Google Gravity’, then follow the tricky steps listed below. This method will help you to know about the usage of google gravity space.

An Effective Way to Use Google Gravity


· Open Google Chrome.

· In the address bar, enter

· Thereafter, Google Page will appear and in the search bar, enter Google Gravity and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky. While entering Google Gravity, you will find various results; just use the arrow keys to select the Google Gravity.

· After doing the above step, you will find Google buttons are falling down.

· Now, select any Google button and drag the same with your mouse and rotate in any direction. Enjoy this amazing trick with all the buttons.


Google Gravity is embedded with ample of features and one of such is the Google Gravity underwater. It shows the beautiful background of aquatic species and will give you an amazing experience of underwater.


Apart from that, there are much more features of the Google Gravity. Now, go through the same and enjoy the salient features of Google Gravity. Apart from that, you may also enjoy the space experience of Google, Guitar, Sphere and much more.



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