What is the process of changing the Google account recovery number?

Google is the company that provides its users with the utmost services like Google Maps, Google Assistant. Google Mail is also the service provided to the users so that they can be in touch with their clients in an effective way. But have you ever thought how would you recover your Google account if your recovery phone number is not in service?

Changing the recovery phone number of Google account recovery:

The phone number of your Google account can be updated or removed from your Google account. There can be different uses of the phone number and you have all the control of managing the numbers. Let us now see how you can edit your recovery phone number.

  • The first step is to open your Google account.
  • Then, under "Personal info", you have to select contact info and then phone.
  • Your number can be changed from here. You just have to edit your phone number and you will find this option next to your number. After clicking the edit option, you can then update your number.

A box will appear. You have to then follow the on-screen instructions. You can also add your phone number and can even delete it.

If you have changed your recovery phone number, then you can use your new after a week to verify that it is you for sensitive actions like changing the password. After that, it can be used whenever you want.


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