Google Tag Manager is a type of tag management system which is designed and developed by the Google. It helps to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used to track and analytics on websites. To use Google tag manager, one has to need a Google account. And after that, they can easily access Google account tag manager. But sometimes users also confront various problems while using tag manager. Read this article and know how to fix various Google Manager Problems with some easy steps.

How to Check If Google Tag Manager is working?


Are you still in the confusion that Google Tag Manger working properly after installation? Then there are various ways to check this and Google Tag Manger Preview and Debug Console is one among those.


· Open your Google Tag Manager and then click on Preview icon present at the top-right corner.

· Now go to your website and then refresh your browser.

· Now Debug console will open and then evaluate that what tag is available on the page.

· If the page you have opened contains the tags, then it means Google tag manager is working properly.

How to Install Google Tag Manager ?


If you have a Google account, then you can easily install the Google Tag manager. The process is very easy to perform. But if you are doing it for the first time, then follow the below install Google Tag Manager process that will help to make your installation procedure easy:


· First of all, go to the official Google Tag Manager sign in the page and then click on Sign in to create a GTM(Google Tag Manager) with your Google account.

· Enter your name and then click on Continue.

· Now you need to setup your GTM container and then agree to the GTM terms of services.

· After that, open the GTM Container and then click on Tracking ID.

· Now follow the instructions to install the Google Tag Manager.


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