Google has become one of the most populous and demanding Search Engine. Without that, no one can ever think to survive in the digital world. The reasons behind the same are; Google Search Engine enables the users to search anything in the web, Gmail featured by the Google allow the users to send and receive an email in an effective manner, YouTube featuring videos, Google Maps- a Navigation System and much more. These entire applications are best at its standard and to access the same users need a Gmail Account. This account is the key to open the door of the Google Products.

However, if you have overlooked your Google Password, then no need to take stress; there are multiple ways to recover the same. Google Account Recovery Password Change is the method to overcome this issue. Through this process, you will get an access to the Google Account after changing the password.


Google won’t allow you to access the account if the Password is incorrect and repeatedly entering the incorrect password will block the account and you will get an issue “Google not working”. If you are getting the same issue, then look down for the comprehensive solution.

Google Account Recovery | Detailed Method


Recovery via Secondary Email


· Google provided various recovery options amid the registration of the account, if you have registered your secondary email account, then you can easily perform the task.


· Launch Google Account Recovery Page by clicking on the link


· Enter your Email address and click Next.


· Then, you will be asked to enter the last password you remembered.


· If you didn’t remember, then click on the link ‘Try a different question’.


· Thereafter, you will find the email recovery option; enter the secondary email address and click Next.


· Now, open the same email address and click on the password recovery link send by the Google.


· Then you will be directed to the Gmail Account Recovery page, now enter your New Password and click Reset Password.


Recovery via Phone Number


· If you have linked your Phone Number to the Gmail Account, then you can easily recover your Google Account and for the same, follow the steps listed beneath.


· Launch Google Account Recovery Page same and the link is mentioned above.


· Enter your Email Address and click Next.


· Now, select the recovery option, i.e. Phone Number.


· Enter the registered phone number and click Next.


· Now look for the one-time security code in your mobile inbox.


· Enter the same code on the recovery page and click Next.


· That’s it; now enter your New Password.


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