Gmail provides the Email service to its users and millions of people around the world have their account on Gmail. The most common reason incoming gmail mail might not be received is the mail account exceeding. Here’s you can find potential causes and great solutions information about your issues of not recieving mails.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Error of Gmail not Receiving Emails:

If you have account on Gmail and all of a sudden, you observe that Gmail not receiving Emails that had been sent by your colleague or any one else,then, you need to

Troubleshoot the Error Not Receiving Emails in Gmail :-

  • Check your network connections by opening the other sites.
  • Make sure if you are using wired connections then these must be properly connected.
  • On the wireless connection switch off the router and switch it on again.
  • Once done with the connection, check if your internet service provider is giving the service .
  • If everything is alright from connection part, then, proceed to check.
  • Just make sure that your MX records are configured in such a way that they point to Google’s servers. The following MX Records must be included: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
  • Suppose, you have trouble configuring your MX records all by yourself.
  • If you are unable to receive delivery status notification, then you need to examine the SMTP logs for the latest affected message.
  • If you receive the delivery messages, then, you need to look at the delivery failure notifications.
  • If you received the error “ the Ip you are using to send Email is not authorized to send Email directly to our servers. Please use the SMTP3 at your service provider instead”.

then, Probable Solution to the Problem is :

  • Gmail refused the mail, in order to prevent spamming when sending IP address does nto match with the sending domain.
  • An error message beginning with “4xx” :
  • It indicates a temporary, transient problem.You can try after some times. If the problem continues, you need to reduce sending rate.

The above steps troubleshoot the error of not receiving Emails Gmail.

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