Netgear router is famous among the users as one of the very famous router that serves all the purpose without any issues. So just in case you want to have a router that gives you excellent connection without any issues then you have to opt for this router since this exactly fulfils the promise that the company makes to its customers.

Easiest Way To Configure Your Netgear Router In Few Minutes


Now once you decide to use this router then the first thing that you have to do is to set up this router and for that you have to simply follow the steps written below:-

How to set up netgear router?


  • In order to answer this you have to simply connect your modem to one of the internet port of the netgear router.
  • And you have to connect the computer to one of the Lan ports followed by switching off all the necessary devices such as the computer, router, broadband cable etc.
  • After that you simply have to wait till the time all the devices boots followed by opening the web browser.
  • And then typing the IP address into the address bar followed by pressing the enter button.
  • After that you have to login to the router and then select the default username as the admin.
  • And then you have to enter the default password which is password.
  • One thing that you have to note here is that just in case your password is case sensitive and it is not working then you have to change the password for your router.
  • Followed by clicking on the set up wizard and then you just have to tap on the yes followed by tapping on the next button and you are done with the process to configure netgear router.


So this is the simple process that you have to follow and just in case you feel that this is the tough process and you are not able to do as written here then you are always free to take the help from techies to set up netgear router.


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