One should change their wifi passwords after every 3-4 months, it’s good to do. This can prevent malicious components to enter or stay in the router. This will also keep your wifi away from the hackers. There are a whole lot of apps and programs which can hack and get the password of your wifi router and you can lose your data as someone else would be using your data from your router for free.

To perform the operation of changing the password of your Netgear router, you should be aware about the technical domains and things like that. If not, then you can simply contact Netgear router technical support as the people from support team are sitting there to help you with anything you ask them about the router and configuration changes. But just like me, if you also want to do that on your own then please follow these simple steps.


  • Open any browser from a computer and connect it to your router.
  • Type into address bar.
  • A window will appear asking login credentials.
  • You’d need to enter username and password of your router.
  • Most of the times default username and password is admin and password respectively.
  • The primary home page appear on the screen.
  • Here you’d need to select Advanced then click on Administration and click on set password.
  • There, type your old password and type new password two times.
  • You can select “Enable Password recovery” for future assistance in password recovery.
  • Click on “Apply” button and your settings will be saved.


Your password is changed now, if you need any help doing this you may contact the support team and they will surely assist you in the procedure of Change Netgear Router Password.