We all use various modes of networking with our friends. There are plenty of ways to communicate with our peers and friends as well as colleagues. People use different sorts of communication medium depending upon one’s choice. But some communication medium are quite revolutionary in terms of providing services whether it’s related to the reliability and security as well as Price. Emails completely fits into one of the best medium of providing communication services to their customer. There are plenty of email service providing company in the world. One such important email service providing company in the world is Gmail.

How To Do Forgot Password in Gmail ?

Gmail is one of the top email service providing company in the world. It is known for various excellent features and services to their customer with regards to security and email management in form of doc sharing, cloud storage as well as blogging and access to google social website. As with every email services, user does faces certain problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is regarding is forgot gmail password. User can take the assistance from the customer support or follow the simple procedures :

  • User needs to go to the gmail website.
  • And then click on the sign in button.
  • Write down the email address and then click on forgot password button.
  • Now click on next button and then gmail will ask you to choose from the various options like security question, secondary email and the phone number.
  • In case, if the user choose the security question then user needs to answer the security question in order to fix forgot gmail password .
  • If the answer is right then click on the next button.
  • Afterwards write down the new password and then rewrite it.
  • Further click on the confirm password button.
  • And your password will be changed.

In case if the issue of forgot password for gmail, then user can take the assistance from the technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly. They are known for providing quality customer service to their customer and thus helps in fixing any issue on time.

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