Google Chrome always supports different kind of the features and products on several devices. Chrome internet browser prevents pop-ups from automatically appearing and cluttering on your screen. By this way, whenever the internet browser blocks pop-ups for a site then an icon appears in the address that is a sign that you are getting some of the add on your Google page and now you are able to make them block if you want.

How to Block POP-Ups on Google Chrome

Thus, if you want to block the pop-ups then you must be aware of the settings that are more important to fix the issue in case you meet with. When block pop-ups on Google Chrome show and you are not able to fix that then you can have guidance from its tech support techies who are available at all the time to get the issue fixed easily.

Here are the ways on how to block Pop-ups for particular website:

·         Open your laptop device and move to the Google Chrome go for the settings on the browser.

·         Select the more settings button and click the advanced settings if you want to block the pop-up.

·         Go to the privacy settings and click the settings and press change or delete button.

·         You need to click the manage executions option and click the additional option.

·         If you only selected the delete option then you will not show the same pop-up block.

·         If you have selected all pop-up block then you can delete the whole and then press the done button.

If still you see any POP-UP and you don’t want to see them you can try the same method to fix this issue soon.

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