iTunes is a multi-media application which is developed by Apple and maintained by Apple itself. iTunes is an application that caters to the need of all media needs of Apple users be it iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If any Apple user wants to download any song from App store, he must have an iTunes application installed in his computer so as to play that file.

Similarly if any user wants to watch a video in his Apple device, they need to have iTunes software installed in their computer. iTunes allows apple users to play digital music and video files and functions as a media application for apple devices as well as online radio broadcaster for internet radio such as podcasts. iTunes was developed by Apple Inc only for the sole purpose of taking care of all the music and video needs of Apple users.

Clients can purchase and download music and recordings, network shows, book recordings, podcasts, films, and can lease motion pictures moreover. iTunes application can be downloaded from the application store which is additionally created by Apple and generally comes as a pre-installed application on all Apple gadgets.

Go for Reset / Change iTunes Password with Assistant

iTunes password is nothing but your Apple ID password only. You need only one password for iTunes as well as Apple ID. This is the same password that you put up at the time of using your device for the first time. In an event of loss of your password or if you wish to change your password for iTunes , you may follow the steps below:

Step 1) First of all, you need to navigate to Apple ID website which is the home website of Apple.

Step 2) In the second step, you need to select the option of Manage your Apple ID which is given in the top right corner.

Step 3) In the next step, go to Password and security and here sign in to verify your account. This is required for authentication purpose.

Step 4) After successfully signing in your account, next you need to click on Change password.

Step 5) Enter a new password which is at least of 8 characters long and must contain a number and a capital letter.

In this way, you can successfully change / reset iTunes password. After changing your iTunes password, you can login with new password and use iTunes for playing media files.

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