Iphone is one of the world best and leading smartphone making company in the world which is made by the tech giant Apple. Apple is one of the leading and top brands in the world. The sheer popularity of the Iphone is mainly due to the cool design, unique apps and great performances of the Iphone both software and hardware.

How to Uninstall iTunes on MAC ?


One such application of the Iphone which is quite popular is itunes. Itunes is the world largest music platform which allow user to upload, download and listen to all kind of music and videos. One can start their Itunes to provide to listen a wide range of content apart from music. User can also creates their own podcast related to any affair whether its business, technology and politics. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is regarding how to uninstall itunes on mac. User can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow these simple procedure :


  • First of all, open your Mac and then click on the Itunes Icon.
  • Then make sure to right click on the Itunes.app file in the user application folder.
  • Further click on the Get Info and click on the Padlock Icon.
  • Again Enter your Admin Password.
  • Make sure to Expand sharing and permission and set “ Everyone ‘’ to Read and write.
  • Now Again close the window.
  • Further user needs to empty the Trash.
  • Check the Activity monitor and in the spotlight launch the app.
  • Then click on the iTunes Helper and make sure to remove it.
  • And then Navigate Library and click on Preferences and then remove the files with “ com.apple.itunes ‘’.
  • Restart the Mac.


In case, if you face any problem relate to the itunes such as itunes not responding mac. Then user can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow these simple procedure to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly.


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