Some users reported their iPhone gets stuck while accessing iCloud, such as Authentication Failed, Forgot Password and considerably more. The bugs are not new, many users tried to fix the same issues, but failed and finally, they took the support of iCloud customer Service. This is an ideal path to fix any kind of iCloud issues on any iOS.


However, if you are getting an issue, iCloud not working on your iPhone, then first try to fix it by yourself and for your comfort few solutions have been listed below. On the off chance, if you want an instant solution then take the customer service support.


The iCloud Issues and Solution – Expert Solution


· Check iCloud is working or not: - Before going further, you must check, whether, iCloud is properly working or not and for the same, take any Apple device, visit Apple support page and then move to the system status. If all the services are showing a green indication, it means iCloud is working fine.


· Authentication Failed: - If you are unable to access the iCloud, then make sure you are entering the correct ID and Password, however, if you have forgotten the same, then you can easily recover the same. Visit Apple website by clicking on the link!&page=signin.


Thereafter, click on Reset your Password and under the same, enter your Apple ID and click Next. Now go for the account recovery option, select Email option or Security question. After passing this stage, you will get a way to enter a New Password. Now, click Reset Password.


· Connectivity Issue: - If you are unable to connect your iPhone to iCloud, then reset your device. Sometimes, this process fixes the major issues. The process is simpler and you can perform the same in an easy way.


However, if still persist any issues or need to seek the technical assistance, then contact iCloud customer service. The team will provide the fine tray of multiple solutions and this will completely fix the issues.