Linksys is a US based company which sells data networking products. It sells data networking products which are wired and wireless routers, VoIP equipments, the Ethernet Switches, wireless Internet video cameras, network storage systems, wireless internet video cameras.

Steps to Setup Linksys Router

If you have recently bought the Linksys router and need to know how to setup linksys router, then, go through following


  • Take the cable modem and connect it to the router WAN and Internet port.
  • Now, connect your laptop or desktop to any of the router ports numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. For wireless computer, connect the computer with Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the power adapter to the router and as well as with the power outlet.
  • Now, check the LED of the router:


When the devices are connected together, check the lights on the router front panel.


Make sure that the lights corresponding to the port where the ethernet cable has been connected are lit. Now, configure linksys router for cable internet connection using the following steps:


a. Access the web based page setup of the router. Open the web browser.

b. Enter the IP.

c. Enter the login details. Do not enter any credential in the Username but enter the Password in the password field.

d. Now, click OK to setup linksys router.

e. Go to Setup tab and click MAC address clone.

f. In the MAC address clone field, select Enabled.

g. Click on Clone My PC’s MAC.

h. Click on Save Settings.


Now, Check the Internet Connection Status:


Enabling MAC address clone feature, activates the internet status. Go through following to set the internet connection:


Set the Internet Connection Type to Automatic Configuration- DHCP.


  • Click the Status tab.
  • Now, check Internet IP Address, if it contains numbers this implies that router has been configured properly.
  • If the internet IP Address have all been set to zero, then, click on Release IP address.
  • Now, under the Release IP address, click on Renew IP Address buttons.
  • If the router prompts up DHCP Release and DHCP renew button, all you need to do is click on the DHCP release and then, click on the DHCP renew button.


Now, perform the power cycle process:


a. Power off the modem.

b. When the modem is Off, all you need to do is disconnect the power adapter from the router. Shut down the computer.

c. Now, power on the modem and wait until the lights become steady.

d. Now, power on the router and wait until the lights become steady.

e. Now, turn the computer On.


With the above setup, you can configure linksys routers.


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