It happens to all of you that you lose access to your account because you don’t know the password. If any of you is going through such kind of situation,try to be calm. It is required for you reach technical experts on time without doing any delay. To be in contact with them, there is need to use support number.

How to recover Yahoo password if you don’t have recovery email address and phone number?

  • It is required for the user to open their “Sign-in” Helper page of Yahoo.
  • There is need to type Yahoo! Mail email address with phone number.
  • Select the option to “Continue.”

Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number :-

When you will have a mobile number associated with the account,text messages will be sent to you:

  • Tap the option to “Yes, text me an Account Key” under “Do you have access to this phone?.” When you will not be able to get message on this number,you should ensure to select “I don't have access to this phone”, some other password reset process will appear to you.
  • Now, you receive an account key within few minutes.You need to type it under “Verify that you have this phone.”
  • Choose the option to “Verify

Recover Yahoo Password without Recovery Email :-

  • If you don’t know the email address associated to the Yahoo email account:
  • Tap the option to “Yes, send me an Account Key” under “Do you have access to this email?.” When you will have doubt that may be somebody is reading emails or they cannot receive messages at that address anymore, choose the option of “I don't have access to this email instead.”
  • Enter the account key which you got by email under “Verify that you have access to this email.”
  • Tap the option to “Verify.”

When you will not have access to even secondary email address or phone number, Yahoo would ask for other details to verify identity, like contacts in your Yahoo! Mail address book.

After you successfully get access to your Yahoo account,it can be easy for you to change the Yahoo! Mail password to whatever you would like. It is always required for you to set strong password.

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