If you have set up the verification code for your account and need to get the code when logging into your account from the devices other than those you generally use, then, you are required to confirm the identity and also the six digit verification code.

How To Fix Apple Verification Code Not Receiving Issues ?

There could be multiple reasons due to which you are unable to receive verification code, some of the solutions that you can try to overcome the issue are:

Since, it is required to receive a verification code, you can try following procedures to overcome the issue:

You can overcome it on your trusted devices which are iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

In iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Click on Settings.
  • When next screen appears, you are required to click on Password & Security
  • Click on get Verification code.

If the device is offline, for the model iOS 10.3 or later: 

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on your name
  • Click on Password & Security.
  • A message prompts up which says “ Account details unavailable”
  • You are required to click on Get Verification code.

For iOS 10.2 or Earlier: 

  • Click on Settings.
  • Enter your name.
  • Tap on the Apple ID username.
  • If the device is not connected to the internet, you need to tap on Get Verification code.

However, if the device is connected to the internet, you need to go through following procedure:

  • Click on Password & Security.
  • Click on Get Verification code.

How to Request a New Verification Email from Your Apple ID ?

Go through following procedure to request a new verification email from the Apple ID:

  • Visit the official site appleid.apple.com
  • You are required to click on Manage your account.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password.
  • When you sign in, you get the message on the screen which says a verification email was previously sent to.
  • Also another message that you get is we can resend the verification email to the same address.
  • You can change your email address and you can click on Send a verification email.

If you still face the issue of Verification email not received, then, you are required to go through following procedure:

You can request to get a text or phone call:

  • Go to the Sign in screen.
  • Click on Didn’t get a verification code.
  • You are required to select for the code to be sent to your trusted phone number.
  • Apple sends a phone call or text message with your verification code.
  • Make a complete Sign in by entering the code on other device.

Go through following tips if apple ID verification message pops up repeatedly:

  • Log out of your account from all devices which includes iDevices and Macs,
  • Once you are logged out, log back into the account.
  • Use cellular data connection instead of wi -fi.

Other tips that you can follow to stop the repeatedly pop up of verification method:

  • Turn off share location.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Click on Share my location.
  • A toggle off button appears, you need to toggle off the page.

Apple ID is necessary to get into various apple services like apple cloud service,  apple iTunes, and you can buy the apps so, it is necessary to remain log into your apple account with apple ID. Without apple ID, the access to multiple services stops, so keep your Apple ID updated and if you need verification code, you can go with above procedure to get rid of the issue of verification email not received.

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