Many people use Outlook as online manager software and reach them by using various devices. Since its inception Outlook has gained users rapidly around the world who use it daily. But some of these users face the problem that Outlook is not working properly. This issue is raised in the Outlook not opening form or any other form.

How to solve the Outlook is not working issue?

Various users encounter the non-working issue of Outlook software on many devices. If you are also facing this problem, use the following methods.

Restart the Device

The first thing which users do is reboot their device to solve Outlook is not working. This method can be very useful to solve numerous problems on any device. You have various ways to perform the reboot and solve Outlook not working.

  • You can simply long-press the power button and then restart the device.
  • Restart from by giving commands to the device you are using.

On mobile, press the power key and choose the restart command.

Logout and Login

You can also solve this problem by logging out of the Outlook account. After that, you need to log in again to your account to solve Outlook not working issue. This login process helps you to solve any temporary issue which causes this problem.

Account Sign In

On facing any login issue of the Outlook account, you should provide the precise credentials. If you forgot the sign-in password, then you should employ the recovery methods. Some of the recovery methods are given below.

  • Outlook Account Recovery via phone number.
  • Outlook Account Recovery via alternate email ID.
  • Outlook Account Recovery by security questions.

Contact Outlook Support for Help

The Outlook not opening or not working can be solved by contacting the Outlook support. You can contact them by using the available methods. Here, you can get the required technical assistance from the Outlook representative. This method can be useful to clear any obstruction in the proper working of Outlook.

Use strong Network

Sometimes the user faces the Outlook not opening issue due to lack of internet. The Internet is required for the proper working of Outlook and its services. Whether you are using a mobile or desktop device you need the internet to operate Outlook.

Use Default Settings

Often Outlook may not work due to change in the settings which prohibit it to work. For resolving this, you should factory reset the device which you are using to access Outlook.

If the Outlook not working problem persists, get in touch with the Outlook customer service. This step enables you to use the get the required support from the expert(s).


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