Microsoft Outlook email account user's many times face several issues in the email account and mostly complaints that they are unable to receive emails in their email account. This issue has now become really common and occurs because of various reasons varying form internet problems to issues in the particular Outlook email address.

Solve Problems of Not Receiving Emails in Microsoft Outlook Account with Mentioned Methods!!


Therefore, whenever the user face Outlook not receiving emails related issues they should simply follow some of the troubleshooting steps for it's solution. The troubleshooting method will completely help the user to get away with this issue so that they can continue to access their Outlook email account.

Hence, mentioned below are the Steps Outlook not receiving emails that the user is required to follow so as to solve this particular issue:


  • Firstly the user should simply make a check on the internet connections from which their device is connected and they are accessing the account.
  • Also the wifi connections should also be checked as poor connection of wifi leads to this particular issue.
  • If still the user is facing this issue then they should start Outlook in a safe mode. For doing this the following steps should be followed:


-open the Outlook on device.

-select the windows key as well as the R key simultaneously.

-then enter Outlook/safe in the open box and select on enter.


  • The user also can create a new account on Outlook email if still they are unable to receive emails in their account.
  • Also the user should check their device for any issue as many times because of the settings in the device this particular issue and the user is unable to access their Outlook account.


Furthermore, with the above mentioned steps the user will be able to solve issues when they are not receiving emails in outlook account. On the other hand, if the user wants more details on this topic, then they should simply contact the representatives of Outlook for this purpose.


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