Have you encountered no internet error lately, even though WiFi is connected? It is very frustrating when a user is connected to the WiFi network but receiving no internet message. No internet problem is a common issue that might happen due to some small errors. When a person faces this issue, it becomes impossible for them to access the internet even after the device has a proper WiFi connection. If you are also dealing with no internet problem and worried about the same, then you are on the right spot to learn the best ways for fixing it.

Learn the Methods to Fix "No Internet Connection" Error

Those who are dealing with no internet connection error must know that they can get rid of the problem with the help of some easy techniques. Hence, the best methods for resolving the no internet error are as discussed below:

Restart Your Device

  • The foremost solution to fix an internet connectivity related issue is restarting the device on which error has occurred
  • Therefore, you have to restart your device when the no internet issue occurs even though the device is properly connected to a WiFi network

Reset Modem and Router

  • The next solution for resolving no internet error is resetting both the modem and router when the problem still remains after restarting the device
  • Turn off both the router as well as the modem and unplug from the power outlet
  • Then wait for few seconds and then plugging both the router and modem to the cables and turn them on
  • Now try to connect with the internet again and check whether issue is fixed or not

Check the Internet on Other Device

  • The next thing you should do for fixing the no internet error is to try connecting your internet to another device
  • Then check that the internet access on the other device is possible or not
  • If not then it means that your internet network has the issue and you have to contact the service provider for it

Change Ethernet Cable

  • Change the Ethernet cable to a new one for fixing the no internet error as it might be damaged
  • Then connect the internet using a new Ethernet cable and check whether no internet error has gone or not

Reset Router to Default

  • At last, you can try resetting the router to the default settings for fixing the no internet error of your device
  • Resetting router to default will erase all the previous data and allow making a new connection
  • After that, you can retry to connect your internet with the device and check that the no connection problem gone or not

These are the easiest ways to fix no internet connection error, and they are quite helpful for a user to come across the connectivity problem smoothly. In case any of these techniques don't work towards fixing the internet connection error, then you must contact a technical expert for resolving the issue. You should contact your internet service provider and ask them assistance regarding this no internet problem you are facing.