Maybe iCloud is not working on iPhone because you have trouble with your iPhone 7 activation. Is your iCloud not working on iPhone? If yes, we have some tips for you. A simple thing you can do, in this context, is to switch your SIM card to your new iPhone from your old iPhone. This may allow you to skip the issue you are facing now. If you are willing to activate your iTunes, just plug into iTunes. If it doesn’t resolve your problem, check whether your iPhone is backing up the iCloud issues or not.

How to Fix iCloud not Working on iPhone/ iPad ?

  • Open the Home screen on your iPhone
  • Go to Settings; click on iCloud
  • Select Backup
  • Now you need to connect your iPhone to a power source or a stable Wi-Fi network
  • Make sure your iPhone 7 screen is locked and you have enough available space in iCloud for the backup.
  • Open the Settings window again
  • Go to the General section and select Storage & iCloud Usage
  • Here you are urged to delete previous iCloud backups to free up iCloud storage
  • Sign out of your iCloud account
  • It will delete all iCloud notes from your iPhone
  • Now you need to reconnect Wi-Fi on your iPhone
  • Restart iPhone and take back-up to your iCloud
  • Congratulations! You have done with it

iCloud Not Working after following these steps?

Have you followed all the steps mentioned above? Still, your iCloud is not working iPhone? No worries! We have another solution for you which is reliable enough to be followed. It is a helpline number powered by Apple. The helpline number which is committed to being available around the year is backed by a team of highly experienced people. You can connect it and ask for help anytime whenever you want. It is promised to cater the best quality services.

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