HP printers are one of the most widely used printers across the world and if in case it stops working, it would be quite frustrating. If your printer is not working properly, it could be due to multiple issues. The printer might have stopped working due to error messages, hardware issues, etc. To fix the HP printer issues, you need to troubleshoot and try fixing the problems.


What Are HP Printer Issues:


Although HP printers are chosen for their effective printing results, there are times, when the users complain and report their printing issues. Some of the issues commonly faced by the HP printer users are as follows:

  • Blank page issue in HP printer
  • Printer not responding issue
  • HP printer password reset issue
  • Printer unable to print the right colors
  • HP Printer not connecting to computer issue
  • HP printer roller issue
  • Printer not printing black ink issue
  • If you are facing any other issue, you can contact the support team or try some troubleshooting on your own. 

Fixes to Resolve HP Printer Issues

When you are facing HP printer not working issue and you want to fix it, you can follow the fixes mentioned below:

  • If you are facing the paper jamming issue in HP printers, it could be due to dirty or wrong paper type. Most of the time it is due to faulty printer rollers.
  • When the pages do not get printed properly, you need to check the toner of the printer. For this, you can change the toner settings and check the working of the printer.
  • Sometimes, the issue is faced when the toner ink does not stay on the printed paper. To fix this issue, you need to check or replace the fuser assembly of the hardware.
  • If you see error 50.4, it might be due to a power supply issue. You need to ensure that the power cable of the printer is directly plugged into the wall socket and not connected via extensions.
  • In some cases, you might think that your HP printer is not printing from the right paper tray. To fix this, you need to check both your printer and computer. For wrong printing, you should check the properties of the printer.
  • You might be facing the HP printer issues due to printer drivers. To fix the issue, you need to check whether the printer drivers are properly installed or not.
  • Sometimes, the cartridges of the printer might be faulty. The result of faulty cartridges is wrong or no colors on the paper. To fix the issue, you need to either get it checked or replaced for the proper printing quality.
  • For the proper working of HP printer, you need to ensure that all the cables are properly plugged in. You can try unplugging all the cables and plugging them back. 
  • You need to have the updated printer drivers for the proper and smooth functioning. 
  • You can try resetting the printer settings to default to get the printer issue resolved.
  • In some cases, the Wi-Fi router might be causing the issue. You can try rebooting the router to make it properly work.

If you are still not able to resolve the printer issues, you can contact HP printer support. The technical experts of HP will provide assistance for all the printer related queries and issues faced by the users. You can contact them over the phone, by dropping an email or using the live chat option. The support methods are widely used by all the users to get their queries resolved easily. The support service of HP is available round the clock and the users can choose a suitable time slot to reach the executives. All the contact details to reach the technical experts is provided on the official website owned by HP.