Google play online game is a software service which is launched by Google. It provides so many fantastic features such as real time multiplayer, cloud saves, social board and so on, Because of these features there are many users who play online game. Google play game is also available for mobile device.

Troubleshooting Guide Online Games


When you play Google online games then you may face some technical issue. Because of these issue you are not able to play online game. To play game in a proper way ,you need to fix this issue. We are describing some troubleshooting steps. These steps will help you to resolve all the issue related to Google game.

  • First of all you need to check flash player,it is disabled then you need to enable it. You need to check Flash player is properly installed on your device. If i is not working then you need to download the flash player.
  • You are required to refresh the page by pressing F5 key from your keyboard.
  • You will have to wait for some time. There might be possibility when you play online then it may take some time to start it.
  • If game is slow then you need to check storage issue or hardware in your device.
  • Check flash player is updated or not. If it is out of date then you need to update it .
  • If your game is not working then it may be crash. For resolving this issue you are required to go in the settings option to check the storage of your device.
  • Check the java script if it is disabled then you need to enable it.
  • You need to check the browser. There are so many online games which do not play on Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. So you need to try on different browser.
  • You need to check firewall in your device.
  • There might be possibility to Google chrome keyboard error. You need to check the Google chrome keyboard.
  • You are required to clear data and cache in your device.