iPhone is the smart category device which is designed by Apple. These are devices that have been designed with extra features that are usually far better as a comparison to normal Android phones. You can choose the desired model according to your requirement but sudden issues might restrict users from performing their actions. The technical team will assist you at such times.

You have obtained solutions to a number of issues. Here, you may see a resolution to one:

Why iPhone Not Working?

  • Individual should check whether battery has been charged or not
  • It is required for you to perform hard reset process
  • You should press sleep/off button until the Apple logo will not come
  • Check the 3D Touch sensitivity settings.To do that:
  • Go to “Settings” and then to “General”
  • You may now click “Accessibility” and 3D touch and adjust the sensitivity slider
  • There is need to take full backup and restore iPhone
  • There is also requirement to restart iPhone,may be the issue will get resolve

Why iPhone Not Showing in iTunes?

  • It is first required to ensure that iPhone is connected to the computer by the help of functioning USB cable.
  • Individual needs to launch iTunes.
  • You need to click “DEVICES” item in the sidebar until the “Show” button appears,tap on it.

As you can see the discussed problem but it might not be helpful for you, there is need to select customer support team at such times. Customer service team get training to come up with efficient solution to a number of problems, they are certified and authorised.You just need to describe your issue to tech experts and they will understand the actual issue. With your permission, they will remotely access your computer and detect the problem. Not only, iPhone not responding problem but other related threats can also be resolved instantly. While taking help from live experts,you will be charged with some fee, it can be paid by anybody.

People can use some important ways to get assistance from tech support engineers, online chat and email service. By using it, you can directly contact customer care agents anytime when you need help.

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