Apple is known for its quality products as well as for its services. You can expect quick assistance from them at any moment for any query. Though you might wondering about the ways and want to know how to get a real person at Apple then you can read further and choose the method.

Ways to Connect with a Real Person at Apple

Get Through Apple Customer Support via the Phone Number

When you need technical support or want to grab some information about new products, then you can dial Apple customer service number 800–692–7753 on your phone. You can follow the instruction on call; some of the instructions are mentioned below.

  • For technical support, you can press 1
  • Press 2 to report a bug
  • Press 3 to learn about the new products and so on

Get Through Apple Customer Support via Live Chat

To get live chat support, you must have a login ID. Now to get access, you can direct the below-shown steps.

  • Go to the official website of Apple or
  • Click on the support option From the top menu bar, click on the support with chat option
  • You have to choose the product and services and click on the submit option

Get Through Apple Customer Support via Email

Email is one of the options which will take time to respond, but still, you can use and send your query. Depending on the query, you will get a response. There is no such specific time, but still, you can expect prompt assistance. But, to make it more effective, make sure you frame the question in a good way that must be understandable and easy to resolve.

With these amazing ways, you can use Apple customer service number, live chat, and Email. All of them are available throughout the day, so you are boundless to contact them.


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