There are many search engines in the market such as yahoo, Bing,, Baidu etc. but the most used search engine for browsing is Google. Google is the fastest and most efficient search engine which gives more than five lakh results in two seconds. Google is an American multinational innovation organization that represents considerable authority in Internet-related administrations and items. These incorporate internet publicizing innovations, look, distributed computing, programming, and equipment. Google was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD. understudies at Stanford University, in California. They fused Google as a secretly held organization on September 4, 1998.

The organization's fast development since fuse has set off a chain of items, acquisitions, and associations past Google's core search engine It offers administrations intended for work and efficiency email planning and time administration , distributed storage , person to person communication , texting and video talk , dialect interpretation , mapping and turn-by-turn route , video sharing note taking, and photograph arranging and altering . The organization drives the advancement of the Android portable working framework, the Google Chrome web program, and Chrome OS and now OK Google is a function incorporated in many android phones which enable the uses to do anything on their phone such as calling, accessing Google map, and search anything on Google etc just by voice.

How to Fix Problem if Google is Not Working Properly

Now a day’s many users are complaining that Google Not Working Properly on their phones, laptops etc. some are facing problems relate to goggle as OK Google Not Working on their android phones. Customers are raising the question that Why is Google Not Working on My Phone. So the reasons may be many because of which Google may not be working or OK Google may not be responding appropriately. Some of the reasons are as follow:-

·         The language set in the device and language used by customer is different.

·         The mike of the phone is not working properly.

·         Microphone of ear phone is not working.

·         If system is not updated then also these problems may arises.

·         It may occur due to slow internet connection.

·         Sometimes it may occur due to certain technical issues.

There are Certain Ways to Fix These Problems Such As:-

·         Check the language setting of your phone and make sure that you are using the same language to give command to OK Google.

·         Check that the microphone of your device is not damages or obscured by ant tiny particles.

·         Make sure that your system is up to date.