The users need to force shutdown Windows 7 computer when it's not responding. The steps stated below will help the users in getting rid of the issues. Moreover, the solution provided is arranged in a well-structured format that can be easily implemented.

  • The users need to keep in mind that a force shutdown may cause loss of unsaved data.
  • After this, the users may restart the computer and defragment the hard drive. By doing this, the users can easily resolve the issue of windows not responding.
  • Thereafter the user needs to click on the Start button, then on All Programs, then on all Accessories. After this, the users may click on System Tools and then on the option of Disk Defragment.

Other Ways to Resolve Windows not Responding Error

There are other ways by which the users can resolve the issue of Windows not responding. For this the users may follow the steps stated below:

  • Checking the System configuration.
  • Checking Hardware and Software.
  • Checking for Viruses or Malware.
  • Checking for Multiple programs eating memory.
  • Checking Indexing options.
  • Using Windows Session Manager.

By following any of the ways stated above, the users can easily resolve the issue of Outlook not responding windows 10. For resolving these issues, the users may dial the support helpline number for talking to the technical experts. By taking proper advice from the experts, the users may get the issues resolved and that too in a fast and speedy manner.

Take Advice from the Experts:

The users may talk to the technical experts for getting proper guidance to fix the issues that they might be facing. Well qualified experts provide the right solution for the issues like that of Windows not working. These experts possess a lot of knowledge in providing the right assistance for the issues that the users might be facing.