ProtonMail is an encrypted email service provider which offers encrypted email to the users. So, the emails are highly secured. It supports various Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, if you an accessing ProtonMail on iPhone and ProtonMail not responding properly; then go through the advanced steps to fix the issue.


Due to some basic mistakes, users get such issue, i.e. ProtonMail not working on iPhone. While accessing the iPhone or other devices, it is always recommended to clear the local caches because they disrupt the smooth performance of the email and other applications. For the brief, go through the process listed beneath.

Is ProtonMail Not Working on iPhone? Try These Steps to Fix


· First and foremost, clear the local caches and for the same, open Settings on iPhone.

· Move to General section and select iPhone storage.

· Scroll down the page and at the bottom, you will find, list of apps showing storage memory, select ProtonMail and tap on ‘Delete App’. This step will remove the ProtonMail on iPhone and will direct you to the Apple Store to re-download the same.

Sign-Out and Sign-in Again on iPhone


· Open ProtonMail app and move to account section and then tap on Sign-out. Thereafter, restart your device and then Sign-in again.


The above two process will fix your issue completely. If fail, then reset your iPhone. Sometimes user forgot their ProtonMail password and they strive for the recovery process. If you are in the same list, then follow the recovery method.

A Quick Way to Recover ProtonMail Password


· If you want to recover ProtonMail password, then open Safari browser on your iPhone and go to the official Login page of ProtonMail and then tap on ‘Need help’ link and further tap on ‘Forgot Password’.


· Now, select ‘Reset Password’ from the list of options and then enter your ProtonMail address and recovery email address and then tap on ‘Reset Password’.


· Open the recovery email address and copy down the code sent by the ProtonMail and enter the same on the recovery page. After doing the same, tap on ‘Reset’.