Google Play store is one of the best way to download and install all types of applications on any of the android or Google devices. With the use of this service, user can easily get all their favourite and desired applications be it related to games, software, videos etc on their mobile phones and further they can use all those apps very easily.

How to Fix Issue of Google Play Store Not Responding ?


On the other hand, there are various situations in which the user come across google play not responding related issues and are unable to access it. This issue generally takes place because of various reasons concerning internet and device issues. But, to solve this issue, there are several troubleshooting steps that should be used for solving it.


Therefore, some of the best troubleshooting steps for solving this issue related to Google play store are :


  • First of all the user should simply verify their internet connections with which the user's device is connected.
  • If the user is using wifi for internet facility, then they should check for the server settings of their wifi networks.
  • Also the user should surely check whether they are using the updated version of Google play store. If not, then the user should update the Google play store services for solving this particular issue.
  • If the user is facing this issue on any of the web browser then they should clear the caches and cookies of the browser for fixing this issue.
  • Also the user should remove the previous sessions of the browser and should even delete the history from the browser.
  • The user should also make sure that they have signed in to the Google play store with a verified and valid email address.


So, these are some of the ways to solve google play not working issues that the user face. These steps will surely help the user in solving this issue and the user further can continue with their work.


For any more details the user can dial the google play phone number from their respective numbers and can talk with the concerned representatives. The trained executives of Google will help the user in every way possible.


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