Google maps is used for exploring world landmarks which provides web mapping service.With the help of Google Map,you may explore street view, natural wonders and inside can search any location and street view for going to your favorite destination easily and can your time and money.You can use Google map on any smartphone ,iPhone and android based phone.When you use Google map then there might be possibility it doesn't work on your device.we are fixing this issue if it is Google maps not working properly.

What to do if google maps not working Android?

 To fix this you need to follow given below steps:

  • You need to check your internet connection ,it is working properly then only you can connect with Google app.
  • You are required to check Cache data some time it may prevent the app from running.
  • You need to check the version of Google map ,f you are using old version then it does not work in a proper way.You need to update latest version of Google map .
  • You need to shut down your phone may be there is some technical issue in your device because of this issue it is not working properly.
  • You will have to wait for some time then power on of your android device.
  • Then reopen your Google may be it will work good.
  • If still you are facing ay issue then go to the setting option then select personal.After that click on the Backup and reset.
  • For this you need to enter your password then go to the personal data and choose factory reset
  • Read all the information and rest your phone.

How to fix when google maps not working iphone?


  • You need to go the setting option then select privacy option.
  • After that tap on the Location service.
  • You need to check location service isset.
  • You need to check date and time in your system.For this go to the settings option then select general and tap on the date and time.
  • Now you will have to restart your device.
  • Make sure internet connection is on.