Google Alert is one of the coolest Google products. It is mainly a powerful tool which allows one to keep track of their latest trends as well as interesting topic, articles, blog and scientific research from various domains as well as anything which is quite important.

How to Setup Google Alert?

It’s effective way to remain in touch with what happening in current world or within a common sphere. But new user certainly face challenges while working on the first time,but sometimes user does face problem while working on it, the foremost problem user face is regarding how to set up Google Alert. User can take the assistance from the technical support or follow these simple procedures:

·       Go to the Google Alerts by typing the following website address “  Http ://
·       Now sign into your Gmail account by filling out the Google alert form.
·        Now Enter the search terms one want user to track the Google Alert.
·       Choose the type of the result you want google to show notification whether its news, blogs, video, discussions and books as well as everything.
·       User can select the type of result one want to get in everything depending upon your needs.
·       Now choose the medium or the Gmail account through which one want to receive the alerts..
·       Further click on the create button and finish.

How to Get Support Help to Fix Google Alert Not Working Issue ?

After user has setup the google alert they will get the proper notification but sometimes user does faces issue like Google Alerts Not Working or it’s not working properly. Then under these circumstance, user has to take support from their technical representative or follow these basic procedure like :

·       First of all, Go to the Google Alerts.

·       Then check for whether the Google Bar is your current account.

·       If its not the current account then sign out and login through the other account.

·       User needs to check whether the Google Alert is not turn off.

·       In order to fix that In the section of My alert click the result you want to see.

·       To check with the credential write down your email address and settings.

How to Turn off the Google Alert ?

But sometimes what happens is that our gmail or the device get unnecessary too much notification which might lead to missing of some important information. So, In order to avoid the unnecessary Google Alert, User needs to Turn off the Google Alerts. Just by following these simple procedure user can do it :

    ·   Login with your gmail account.
    ·   And then click on the Google Homepage and further select the settings link.
    ·   Further click on the Account settings and then Advanced.
    ·   And then under the privacy and security setting, click on content settings.
    ·   Click on Notification and then choose a particular site or all in order to turn of the location.