Mac is quite secure and safe device in terms of getting help in the form of performing the task on a daily basis. But sometimes the users are not able to use their Mac device due to affected from the multiple viruses. To remove enter viruses; it is mandatory to install Norton Antivirus software on a Mac device with ease.

Fundamental Tips are Helping You on How to Install Norton Antivirus on a Mac Device:

Follow these instructions to install Norton product on Mac device that is registered to your account.

  • Start on your Mac device and go to the Norton security online page.
  • Click on get Norton security online page and enter your Xfinity username and password when prompted.
  • Now you have to select one option which is required to create one from the log in to your Norton account with ease.
  • The account always let’s you manage all your Norton services and products key from the location.
  • Now you have to click locality and or install button on another device.
  • You have to select the run install button and press on the double button and click the install button.
  • There would be the Mac security warns file which you have to select and click now open button.
  • Click on Agree & install button and go for the log in button and information to allow and change.
  • Click allow button press the continue button press on the product button and press restart button.
  • Having done the task, press on the done button at the end of the procedure.
  • If you still got an error and you don’t know what to do, you need to remove and re-install tool for the Mac device.
  • Get advice on how to go for the Norton remove and reinstall tool for Mac:
  • Go to the Application folder double-click Norton security on the menu bar.
  • Press the next button and click on the Norton Security and select un-install Norton security button.
  • Now you can type your Administrator button click un-install button.
  • Go to the admin button and press account name and password button and then click install helper.
  • In the uninstall button Windows and click re-install button tool and Mac device accordingly at the end of the procedure.

Norton security for the Mac is quite important and this is why, it is mandatory to protect your PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS device with a single subscription. Go to the advanced security and protect your private and financial information when you go online. Overall, it is 100% virus protection promise, so it is necessary to choose this kind of the Antivirus software with ease.

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