When you will have issue with the Wifi password for xfinity,you need to by certain basic guidelines that has been suggested to you. It is better if you connect yourself to the technical experts. To contact customer service team, it is better to dial the customer support number.

Here, you can see the solution to Wifi password reset for xfinity:-

How to Change Xfinity WiFi Password?

  • Individual needs to select a laptop or WiFi device which has been currently connected to the network. If any of the devices are not connected, there is need to use Ethernet cable or a computer directly to your wireless gateway.
  • It is required for you to open your web browser and navigate to the Admin Tool - it has been find as a wireless gateway's administration site. Now, the default settings are:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password (case-sensitive)
  • Tap the option to “Log In.”In case, you changed your Admin Tool password previously, there is need to use the new login information.
  • When you forgot the Admin Tool password, there is need to do the factory reset the wireless gateway.
  • If you look at the left side of the navigation menu,there is need to select Gateway.It can be followed by selecting “Connection” and then “Wifi.”It will help you in doing xfinity password Reset
  • Under Private Wi-Fi Network, you'll see the Name (SSID) of your WiFi network. You may want to write down this information.
  • It depends upon the wireless gateway model,tap the option to “EDIT” at the right.When the two network names shown to you,choose “EDIT” for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands to view the settings.
  • You should check the box that is available next to “Show Network Password.” The Network Password will be displayed above.

Now, you can also edit the WiFi network information, including other major things like changing the WiFi network name or password.When you do any changes,it is required for to tap “Save Settings.”The xfinity reset password issue has been complete

The WiFi network name and password is with you, you may connect the WiFi devices to the network.

If any information has been changed by you,it is required for you to use new information to reconnect all your WiFi devices to the network.

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