Bellsouth is one of the robust internet services in terms of performing the task by the users on a daily basis. At the present time, the users are available with the great facilities and features that are evolving by the Bellsouth engineers. It has discovers its new email account where the users can drop their concern if they receive any problem with this kind of the internet software by using various devices and apps.

Is Your Bellsouth Email not Working on iPhone

By this way they can resolve their entire problem with it soon what about this when Bellsouth email is not working on iPhone. At this you need to contact its tech support representative who gets the issue fixed in not time as listed down.

· Start up your iPhone device and go to the Bellsouth email account app.

· Enter the correct email address and password to sign in and press the settings button.

· Go to the IMAP mail server and enter the correct email address and press add button.

· Do the same procedure with the SMTP mail server and press add button.

· Enter the description and press SSL mail server to sync all contacts, calendars, and mail.

· Having done the task clicks the done button and enters the password at last.

Is Your Bellsouth Email not Working on Mac ?

· If you are not able to use your Bellsouth email account on your Mac device then go to settings.

· Select mail, calendar and contact button and move to the Bellsouth email app.

· Press sign in button and go to the settings and select IMAP mail server.

· Enter the correct email address and press adds button and the same procedure you need to do with the SMTP mail server.

· Enter the same email address and press SSL mail server to select the contact, calendar and mail of the Mac device.

· Having done the task you can enter the password at the end of the procedure.

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