Google Photos is one of the top-rated services provided by Google that allow users to save their photos in a cloud form. Google Photos is accessible on all kinds of devices including Windows, Android, and iOS. Users can save their photos and also sync whenever they need to get them on another device. Before syncing, it’s important to backup Google Photos in your device that can help to get back when you deleted them mistakenly.

Follow the Simple Steps to Backup Google Photos Listed Below

1. Check the backup settings

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Enter your Google account information for sign in.
  • Click on the menu icon which is present on the top-side.
  • Click on Settings and then select Back up & sync option.
  • Now make sure that you have enabled the Backup & sync.

2. Make sure that Google Photos are backed up

  • First of all, open the Google Photos app on your Smartphone.
  • Login to your Google account.
  • Tap on Photos.
  • Now you can see that your photos are backed at the top-side. If not, then wait until they backed up.

Do you know how to backup your Google Photos? If your answer is no, then you should need to have a proper knowledge regarding that. The process of Google backup photos is very easy and simple. To make this procedure simpler, read this article very carefully to learn about the step by step procedure.

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