Having Trouble in Apple Account Recovery, Then, Go Through Following Steps !

Apple account gives users the access to various services and apps of Apple. The account has a password and ID which helps in login. If users forget the account password then they will face trouble logging in and in using apple services. So to reset password Apple offers various ways. If you want to reset your apple account password then you can use the steps given below.

  • Open the Apple account page.
  • Select "Forgot password" option.
  • Now enter your Apple ID
  • Tap ‘Continue’
  • The recovery ways will now display
  • Users can perform apple account recovery through an alternate email, security questions and phone number. But this email and phone number should be linked with your account.
  • Now select any one way for recovery.
  • If you choose the alternate email way then you will get a link for password reset as a mail there. You need to open to reach the password reset window.
  • If you choose the security question way then you will have to enter your date of birth for verification. Then two questions will appear. You will have to answer them after which the reset page will open.
  • If you have enabled two-step verification or two-step authentication in your apple device then you can get a verification code from trusted device like phone number and enter the recovery key.
  • On the password reset page, you can create a new password.
  • Enter this password again.
  • Save your changes.
  • Your apple account password will change.
  • You can now go to sign-in page and enter the new password to login.

If you face any issue while recovering the password or you have any query about Apple Account Recovery then you can contact the apple customer service center. The skilled and experienced executives will assist you.